Fully Automatic Jar Filling Machine

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Jar Filling Machine 

Rinsing Head:- At this point bottle is washed in inverted position with high pressure water jet 5 stage washing is given by hot & cold water.

Filling Head:- Bottles are filled at this point and filling nozzles automatically stops after filling the required amount of water.

Cap Arranger:- In the cap arranger the caps are arranged in a suitable specific manner and are transferred to the cap chute.

Capping Head:- At this place after taking one cap from cap chute the capped presses the cap on the head.

Technical Specifications:-


 120 – 240 LPH

Power Consumption

Depend on machinery capacity

Automatic Grade


Dimensions LXBXH

10 x 2 x 7 feet


500 Kg (Approx)

Power Consumption

5 KW


SS 304

Bottle Size

20 Liter


5 Stage


  • Operator friendly control panel and handling
  • Moisture resistance and bears rough handling
  • Robust construction and stable operation 
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Effective water purification and filtration
  • Less power consumption
  • Neck Holding


This machine is used for liquid filling in the companies engaged in food, chemical, commodity, liquid or paste products, water, oil, cream, jam, and butter processing. The offered machine is widely used for filling water and liquid beverages instead of pastes


Concept :-

The concept of pure treated water being available in jars started with an earnest attempts made by the early birds by supplies in a HDPE can of 25litres. The concept was prevalent till the mid 90s. The basic instinct of man to learn, unlearn & re-learn is often the cradle for the evolution of mankind. It is this basic instinct that found the HDPE wanting in terms of hygiene, safety and ………… 

The alternate was already in hand, “PET” & PC. The introduction of PET an PC brought about a change that was to stay. It also set the trend for standardization of the bulk packaged drinking water as a commodity. The product acceptability and demand saw major players jump into the fray in an effort to grab an undisputed niche market share. With the brands came the more sophisticated and automated packaging methodologies. The challenge was to deliver equipments that would stand up the 24 X 7 workload yet deliver in time the designed output, eliminate unwanted man power and turn out the most hygienic bulk packaged drinking water that was the “20 Ltr JAR” for the Indian market. 

If there is a scenario of “Taking up a challenge and living up to it”, U V Tech by default will be there. With our automatic jar filling machine we not only opened up the doors for innumerous aspiring first generation entrepreneurs but also provided a plat form to for the brands to consolidate their ever growing market demand. 

Over the years the U V Tech Jar filling machine has been the preferred choice of the Brands not only for their own facilities but also for their channel partners (FRANCHISEE). 

The status a preferred O.E (original equipment) Supplier has been the result of being sensitive and proactive to needs of industry. An equipment is deemed successful not only by the automated features and its flawless appearance unless it is complimented by the user friendly operation and maintenance. These are the two prime requisites that often is the thin line that separates the preferred equipment from nightmarish equipment. 

The U V Tech Jar filling machine is a combination of automated equipment with Aesthetic appearance and is also extremely user friendly. 

The basic equipment Material of Construction is Stainless Steel Grade 304 with all contact parts in Stainless Steel grade 316. The internal pipelines are with diary fittings ie triclover joints. The pumps are of Stainless Steel grade 304. The machine is equipped with a PLC (Programmed Logic Controller) that is nerve centre of the automation. 

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