Packaged Drinking Water

Packaging Drinking Water Plant

Product Description

Packaged Drinking Water Plants offered are backed by latest technology support that matches up with the defined water purification demands. Coming with advanced purification process, these functional processes of these drinking water plants ensure optimum functional support is provided in gaining purified water as per internationally approved norms. Further, these plants also provide for high efficiency operations as well as also require less maintenance support while handling varied purification processes involving rinsing, filling, capping as well as water sterilization using oxidants and filtration techniques.

The package drinking water plant is installed with following machines:

  • Filter Assembly
  • High Pressure Pump
  • Membrane with Housing
  • Ultraviolet system
  • Water Purification Equipment
  • SS Storage Tank
  • Fully Automatic or Semi Automatic Bottle Filling Machine
  • PET Stretch blowing Machine
  • Pouch Filling Machines


  • The liquid to be processed is fed into the plant
  • Various chemical and biological treatments are carried on the liquid for removing dissolved substances
  • After treating the liquid, it is passed through chlorine bed for the removal of odor, color and other substances
  • The purified liquid is then fed into the storage tank from where it is taken to filling machines
  • The liquid is filled into bottles or pouches in accurate volume

Technical specifications

Capacity: 500 LPH to 100,000 LPH

Power: 4.5 kW

Voltage: 380 V

Application areas:

  • Food Processing industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • College Labs