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Innovation is the major key to success in this highly competitive industrial world. Khodiyar Industries specializes in the development, manufacturer and supplier of Pouch Packaging Machinery with the clear objective and innovative technology to emerge as a forerunner in the market. Our machinery is also used in other industrial fields like ayurvedic products, beverages, chemicals and bulk drug and grocery handling units.

We offer impeccable quality of Pouch Packing Machine made using quality raw material. Our Pouch Packing Machine in India is very popular for its packaging of different type of items such as Pepsi, Noodles, Besan, Kurkure, and other snacks items. 

KI strives to maintain quality and uniqueness of our products & deliver it within time. Our series of packing machine comprises of Liquid Packing Machine, Water Pouch Packing MAchine, Tablet Packing Machine, Auger Filling Machine and Semi Liquid Filling Machine. We recurrently supply and export  Pouch Packing Machine to many countries across the globe.

We truly believe that quality speaks louder than words. So we assure our esteemed clients to provide best quality machinery with precise and minute planning. We hold high-tech workshops with most recent tools and systems for the eventual fabrication that helps to cut down production cost to provide ultimate series of machines with cost-effective manner.

We provide highly accurate filling machines with + or – 1% filling accuracy. Machines are also provided with necessary safety systems. They are available with advanced characteristics and systems like no bottle no fill self lubrication and perfect pneumatic demonstration and in-built protection for voltage fluctuation.

Automatic FFS Machines presents high accurate and clear-cut automation. Machines are manufactured with latest generation technology. All these machines are best known for trouble free, smooth and noiseless performance.




We specialize in manufacturing automatic liquid filling machines which are generally used in fill any type of liquid such as juices, petroleum jelly, phanna syrups, drinking water, paints, strainers, perfumes, flavored milk, dahi, adhesives, shampoo, edible oil, hair oil, lube oils, coolants, etc. 



  • Available with 2*/4/6/8 heads attachment
  • Works on Syringe Base Piston
  • Able to fill powder/granules into any size and shape of container
  • Available in SS304. SS316, GMP Models
  • Quick changeover facility from one container to other
  • Easy and accurate adjustments of fill desired quantity
  • Available in Linear & Rotary Format
  • Made up of hygienic materials for hygienic filling
  • Maximum tilling accuracy: +/- 0.5-2% by weight output of 20-50-100 bottles/min.
  • Compatible with other filling equipments
  • Infinite variable speed drive for output control can be provided if required.
  • Maximum output in minimum possible time
  • Also available in Micro presser analog based control system
  • Adjustable and space saving
  • Low power consumption
  • Flawless performance
  • Compatible with the online machines zone such as capper, induction sealer, cartonator, washer, labeler etc
  • filling size - 1ml to 5 ml , 10-30 ml , 30-100ml , 50-150 ml -100-250ml and 500-1000 ml
  • Given machine rate was 2 head auto filling machine 



  •  How the pouch packaging process works:-

    1. Bag Loading:-

    PERFORMED POUCHES are loaded manually by an operator into the bag magazine in the front of the automatic pouch filling/sealing machine. The bags are conveyed to the machine by a bag feeding roller. 

    [UPDATE] In 2018, Viking developed a proprietary robotic bag infeed that completely eliminates much of the labor involved in properly loading and shingling premade pouches in the bag magazine. This robotic arm uses vacuum suction to grasp individual bags and load them into the bag gripping area. CONTACT US to see this technology in action.

    2. Bag Gripping:-

    When a bag is detected by a proximity sensor, a vacuum bag loader picks up the pouch and transfers it to a set of grippers, which will hold the bag as it travels around the rotary unit to different 'stations'.

    These grippers can continually support up to 10 kg on the best bag filling and sealing machine models.

    3. Optional Printing/Embossing:-

    If printing or embossing is desired, that equipment will be placed at this station. POUCH FILL AND SEAL MACHINES can utilize both thermal and inkjet printers. The printer can place desired date/lot codes on the pouches. The embossing option places raised date/lot codes into the bag seal.

    4. Zipper or Bag Opening & Detection:-

    If the bag has a zipper reclosure, a vacuum suction pad opens the lower part of the preformed pouch and opening jaws catch the top side of the bag. The opening jaws separate outward to open the top of the bag and the premade pouch is inflated by an air blower. If the bag does not have a zipper, the vacuum suction pads still open the bottom part of the pouch but only the air blower is engaged.

    Two sensors are present at the bottom of the bag to detect its presence. If a bag is not detected, the filling and sealing stations will not engage. If a bag is present but not placed correctly, it will not be filled and sealed and instead stay on the rotary apparatus until the next cycle.

    5. Bag Filling:-

    Product is dropped down a bag funnel into the bag, usually by a multi-head scale. For POWDER PRODUCTS, an auger filler is used. In the case of LIQUID POUCH FILLING MACHINES, product is pumped into the bag by a liquid filler with a nozzle. The filling apparatus is responsible for the correct measurement and release of discrete quantities of product to be dropped into each premade pouch.

    Options at the filling station include:

    • Gas flush. This MODIFIED ATMOSPHERE PACKAGING (MAP)process displaces oxygen within the bag by using a blast of gas, usually nitrogen. This is done immediately prior to filling the bag with product to ensure maximum displacement.
    • Dust collection. For DUSTY OR MESSY PRODUCTS, a dust hood is placed above the filling station that collects airborne particles.

    6. Product Settling or Other Options:-

    Sometimes loose contents need to settle to the bottom of the bag before sealing. This station gently shakes the premade pouch to achieve that.

    Other options at this station include:

    • Second liquid seal. For liquid/water pouch filling machine configurations, this station can be used for a second liquid seal to ensure maximum seal integrity. 
    • Second filling station. For products that include both solid and liquid components, a second filling station can be added here.
    • Load shelf. For heavy fills, a shelf can be added after filling to bear the load of the extra weight and take the stress off of the gripping arms.

    7. Bag Sealing & Deflation:-

    Remaining air is squeezed out of the bag by two deflator components before sealing occurs.

    A hot seal bar closes on the upper part of the pouch. Using heat and pressure, the sealant layers of the premade pouch are bonded together to make a strong seam.  


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