U.V. System

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High Flow Commercial UV Bacteria Treatment * Water Purification Systems:-

Commercial ultraviolet disinfection systems are specifically designed to treat microbiologically contaminated ground or surface waters. These disinfection systems offer a 4-log reduction (99.99%) in bacteria, virus and protozoan cysts (specifically Guardia lamblia and cryptosporidium). This UV process is quick, simple, inexpensive and environmentally friendly as it does not add anything to your water and creates no disinfection by-products. the most ecological way of treating your water.

Effective in killing off bacteria and viruses such as:-

  • Coliform Bacteria

  • Leptospira Interrogans (Infectious Jaundice)

  • Salmonella Typhosa (Typhoid Fever)

  • Bacteriophage (E. coli)

  • Hepatitis Virus

  • Chlorella Vulgaris

  • Influenza Virus

  • Legionella Pneumophila (Legionnaires' Disease)

Working Principle:-

UV light penetrates the cell wall. The UV energy permanently alters the DNA structure of the microorganism. The microorganism is “inactivated” and unable to reproduce or infect.

UV oxidation is a barrier to micro pollutants (pesticides, pharmaceutical industries, seasonal algae- related contaminants.)


  • No impairment of taste and smell
  • No added chemicals
  • No environmental pollution
  • Short exposure time
  • Effective against chlorine-resistant pathogens
  • Simple handling
  • Low-maintenance method
  • Very low operating costs
  • Very effective.


  • Used to remove bacteria and virus from water
  • Widely demanded for water purification system
  • Disinfection
  • Oxidation Process
  • Photochemical process
  • Thermal process
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Building, Hospitals, & Hotels

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